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Where all came from

We are being manipulated by politics, science, religion, and commerce to believe in the untruth. Politicians sell to the highest bidders, Educators are led by false narratives, and Marketers advertise products that don't work. Sometimes, we know it but yield just to be part of a crowd, obtain a favor, or from the fear of rejection. Theories and hypotheses became facts, equal to scientific laws, and tested principles perceived myths. The right is called wrong, and the opposite is as well.

We can discuss and study all the recent scientific theories and discoveries, together with the Big Bang Theory, Evolution, Natural Selection, and more. Still, we cannot deny the facts handed to us in the Biblical Scripture supported by scientific laws:

  • According to the First Law of Thermodynamics, the material world couldn't come to be out of nothing. As the scripture declares from the beginning, the creation had to come from outside space and time, from Bara.

  • Energy (light) is not subject to space and time; it becomes physical matter when slowed down. The only answer to 'How was the Physical World Made?' is in the word of God, by Light (energy-power) from Outside Time and Space. As God has declared by his power (energy), He has formed all things.

  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics asserts that order does not form from disorder (Entropy) instead, it is natural for organized matters to lose energy and deteriorate.

  • The sophisticated design of living species stored in complex DNA codes points to an intelligent Designer that could not logically be evolved by chance. As the Bible declares in the first chapter of Romans, "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse."

  • The scripturally substantiated and incredibly  unexplainable power of Gravity opposes Newton's Laws of Motion to sustain the least of the creation's parts (atoms) and the greatest (planetary systems.) This is another Law of Physics exclusive to God as He declared He holds everything, all matter together. This is the most powerful declaration of God's control over the Physical Laws of Thermodynamics at his will. After all, he established all such laws.

So if God is the designer and creator of all things, did he leave for us markers to trace the origin of things or an explanation of how he did it? The answer is yes.

In this book, in plain language, we set out to prove that the only text to reveal the answer to these questions is found in the biblical account. It is free; read it, debate it, and share it.

Reason with me: you are either reading this book by accident or genuinely seeking knowledge. If you doubt God's existence as the designer and creator of all things, then ask Him? If you want to experience the purpose of your existence, then ask him? If you want to know him personally and receive that amazing everlasting love of the real father of all creation, then ask him.

Ask Him, "Prove to me that You are real," and don't be surprised when he answers you.

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